Founded in 2006 by Adrian Jones (Masters of Applied Science in Interactive Arts and Technology), Acacia Media was created with the intention of helping clients develop pioneering webistes for the ever-changing internet landscape. We build for the web of today... and tomorrow.


The company is run by primary designer/developer Adrian Jones, who has extensive experience with both small scale and enterprise level websites. Acacia Media's main client is Corus Entertainment Inc., for which Adrian manages the websites for their four Vancouver radio properties: CFOX, CFMI, CKNW, and CHMJ.




At Acacia Media we are passionate about the web and what interactive technology can do for your company. We dream in 1's and 0's. And we dream in color palettes. And in user-centered interface design. In fact, we are constantly dreaming about digital possibilites.
Let us innovate your web presence and take your
company to the top branch of the internet tree.

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