Hockey Culture Country:
A Social Media Experience Analysis




The purpose of this essay is to analyze a social media experience from the point of reception. The event that I have chosen to study is the men’s gold medal hockey game between Team Canada and Team U.S.A. in the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic games. I experienced and documented this event from the pub at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Burnaby, B.C.
Through this analysis, I hope to show that the sports event was a unique media and social experience, that it attracted a wider audience than just hockey fans, and served as a nationally uniting force for many Canadians. I also hope to show that viewers of the hockey game gained an improved sense of identity through shared appropriation of the television broadcast, and that meaning was ascribed as a group from the social reception and interpretation of the experience.


On Sunday Feb. 24th 2002, an event happened that had not taken place in almost 50 years – the Canadian men’s hockey team won gold in the Winter Olympics. As a nation that is more fanatical about hockey than any other sport, this marked a historical rejuvenation in Canada’s hockey pride. It is estimated that 10.6 million Canadians watched all or at least part of the game.


Canada's road to the gold medal match did not come easily, however, as they lost their first match to Sweden 5-2, and tied the Czech Republic. Canada’s top NHL players were on their game, however, when it came to the crunch with Team U.S.A. Colorado Avalanche forward Joe Sakic scored two goals and set up Calgary's Jarome Iginla for two others. Paul Kariya also scored for the Canadians, closing the doors on the U.S.’s gold medal hopes...



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