Website Creation:


Need a new website or a redesign to an existing one? Want to spice up your site? At Acacia Media we pride ourselves in delivering eye-catching websites that never get too fancy for their own good - our design philosophy is all about creating an enjoyable user experience. From the planning to design to development stages, usability is always top of mind.


The website creation process begins with a comprehensive planning phase, with flowcharts and web navigation structures to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. In this stage we decide what the overall look and feel of the site will be, what server-side technology would be most suitable, and match your company's goals with the goals of the website.


The design and development stages are where we come up with one or more mock-up graphics for the site, and - upon approval from you - turn the image into HTML and a fully functioning site. We like to work as closely as possible with our clients, with an "open door" policy of including you in as many of the design decisions as you feel comfortable. And we also understand that design is often an emerging entity where the finished product is not always fully known at the start... thus we take an agile approach to our design and development.







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