The following list highlights some of the websites that Acacia Media has either worked on (but is not the original creator of the site design), indicated by a (1), or has designed in their entirety, indicated by a (2).

  1. Vancouver Canucks (1)
  2. C-Force (associated with the Vancouver Canucks) (2)
  3. Camp Latona (2)
  4. Dal Richards (2)
  5. Tactical Actions Group (2)
  6. Habtalk (2)
  7. Dave Fitzpatrick - Mortgage Broker (2)
  8. Previous "Industrial" Version of Adrian Jones' Portfolio (2)
  9. CFOX (1)*, Rock101 (1)*, CKNW (1)*

* CFOX, Rock101, and CKNW are owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., and have recently undergone a website design change as a result of a partnership with the company Emmis Interactive. Many of the elements such as graphics, videos, and Flash applications that were design by Adrian Jones are still up on the sites, but they no longer use the site structure and design that Adrian implemented while employed at Corus Entertainment Inc.

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